Andrew and VictoriaZekveld




Name: Andrew and Victoria
Surname: Zekveld
Entry category: kitchen
Budget: R31 550
Entry date: June 21, 2016
About the project: When my husband and I heard we had been offered a job in Pietermaritzburg, we were so excited to find a home to make our own! But after looking around online, we realized our budget couldn’t get us the dream old Natal Verandah home we wanted in a safe area to raise a family. Some friends sent us a link for a facebrick townhouse in a complex – not exactly what we had in mind! But it was in a fantastic area and was something we could call home so we put in an offer without even seeing the place, because we knew whatever the state, we would make it work. The day of our move, we packed up and made the long drive from Pretoria with our 3 and 1 year olds in the back seat. We finally arrived to see our new house for the first time. The living areas just needed some paint, but the kitchen was a different story. It was a tiny, dark, enclosed room with really old, cheap cupboards that were falling apart and water damaged countertops. My really tall husband had to duck to get through the tiny arched doorway and there was nowhere near enough work space. We decided to just quickly take out one or two walls and then in time slowly replace cupboards as money became available. However, things tend to snowball once work starts and before we knew it we had bashed down walls, gutted the entire kitchen and stripped the walls and floors. We used our rubble to level out our backyard, lifting the grass and topsoil, putting the rubble down and then replacing the lawn – back breaking work for my husband! Our dining area was set up as a makeshift kitchen and we realised we had tackled a project way bigger than we had thought! What is more, we found out we were expecting another bundle of joy in 8 months time! One can only wash dishes in the bathtub for so long, so we put our heads down and got to work! We changed the complete layout of the space, opened up the wall between kitchen and diningroom and made a new double doorway, giving the feel of open plan living without losing too much of the wall space. Next, I went with my cupboard ideas to a kitchen company and nearly choked when we got their quote. Left with little option, we did what any DIY crazy couple does! We made the decision to do it ourselves. How hard could it be, right? We sat down, planned out our dream kitchen on a piece of paper and worked out every cupboard to custom fit our space, appliances and kitchen goods. My head was spinning from all the calculations, allowances for hinges and rails, and the additional height we needed to add for higher countertops. I headed nervously to Timbercity to personally order each piece of the cupboards. Over the next few weeks II became quite well known in the store as I appeared with my ever-growing tummy to submit or collect an order – first the carcasses, then the doors and finally the upper cabinets. The employees were very helpful and I enjoyed many a free muffin and fruit juice in the showroom while we waited for our goods to be loaded. The installation went in stages so we could measure each door, drawer and shelf perfectly. We also came up with some innovative storage solutions for our corner cupboards, spice rack and cutlery drawers – one of the perks of doing things ourselves! My husband did all the demolition, plumbing, cupboards, painting and finishing and I came up with the designs, detailing and shopping between trips to the bathroom! A plasterer finished off the edges of the walls we had cut out with an angle grinder – what a mess! A friend also helped with some of the electrical work and floor tiling. Slowly, our dream kitchen came into being, one step at a time, taking up every spare minute we had between work and church responsibilities. Tired of the country kitchens in every other home we had seen, we decided to go with a fresh, modern eclectic look we thought best fit in with a townhouse. We came up with some great but very tricky DIY ideas to save money – We poured our own concrete in-place countertops – a vast amount of work but a fraction of the cost of granite or even melamine tops. We also installed back-painted glass splashbacks for a sleek and easy-to-clean alternative to tiled splashbacks. I found a sink on sale at Builders Express and a very cool but affordable mixer at Bathroom Bizarre. With all the modern finishes we had selected, the room started to need some warmth so we decided to clad the upper cabinets in the oh-so-cool and completely free pallet wood we had been collecting for other household projects. We also clad the back of our breakfast bar with it to tie the Kitchen and Dining Room together. A new light fitting, blind and a fresh coat of white paint and we were done with our biggest project to date! The sense of accomplishment was immense and it was all ready before baby 3 was born!







    1. Nou ja as ek n kombuis ooit sou kon copy en paste sal dit die ene wees. Lovely

      wilana rautenbach
  1. Musr have been very rewarding to preform this impressive transform and with such a small budget!

    Hardus Boshoff
  2. Transformed 20th century to 21st century on a shoestring budget – great job!

  3. Baie mooi, maar en sou die stoof net in die teen oorgestelde kant verkies. En die mikrogolf gesit het waar die stoof is. 7/10

    1. Thanks for your feedback! We didnt put the stove there because of the messiness factor as well as the fire and burning danger on the side where the kiddies are. But it would have looked nice as you say!

  4. Looks stunning and what a transformation. I love what you did with the budget that you had

    Mindie Donkin
  5. Stunning guys! You deserve to be in the top 10! Well done Andrew and Vicky

    Jeanne Celliers
  6. Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!!! “Kudos” vir julle en dit met kleintjies en ‘n groeiende magie!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! EK is mal oor hout en die stonewash/rustic look

  8. Die kombuis is gerieflik, prakties en enige vrou se droom.
    Mag jy nog baie heerlike etes voorberei vir jou gesin, familie & vriende.
    God Bless!!

    Petro van der Merwe
  9. Love it! This would be a kitchen I would spend so much time in. Even though modern, it is so inviting, wanting you to spend time with family and friends. This kitchen is the reason why people say that the best place to visit is in the kitchen. By the way, are you guys available for projects (asking tongue in cheek).

    Karen Claassen
  10. Lyk fantasties! Oop skoon ruimte met lekker baie pakplek. Als pas bymekaar as ‘n eenheid en is nie spoeg en plak werk nie. Harde werk inderdaad! Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. :-)

    Otto Wood
  11. Love hierdie een die meeste. Die ‘pallet’ idee is pragtig deurgevoer, en skep ‘n perfekte balans tussen die effens harde modern lyne van die res van die nuwe kombuis.

    Ek sal verseker dieselfde in my huis doen, inteendeel ek het, maar het net die pallet in skakerings van wit,grys en blou gemaak, en ‘n losstaande kas van dieselfde hout laat maak…

    Milanda Nel
  12. Is sleeping in the kitchen an option, coz i would like to stay there forever.

    Arnel Kotze
  13. Pragtig! Dis eers wanneer ‘n mens so ‘n taak die eerste keer self aanpak wat jy die eindproduk net nog meer waardeer. En die geld wat jy spaar.

    Andre Lengton
  14. i think this makover is absolutely Stunning!

    its amazing the effect acomplished by the color scheme ,lighting as well as the design Great stuff!

    zaraida felix
  15. Absolutely stunning the wood finish. Fresh and tasteful! definitely a 5

    Majdah Jattiem
  16. Well done
    Beautiful result, just prove that you don’t have to spend R300000 on a kitchen to make it look stunning.

    Natasha Juull
  17. Stunning transformation, its bright with modern clean lines and didn’t cost as much as I thought it would.

    Vanessa Sookaloo
  18. Baie goed gedoen, daar is n dag en nag verskil van daai plek. sal enige dag my koumbuis so wil he dis so skoon en oop… mens gaan nie mind om kos in so kombuis te maak nie.. sal elke 5 min in die kombuis wil wees… Baie mooi.

  19. Finishing is the goal in any job and from the photos the workmanship is superb, well done colours are exemplary matching in good order

    Kione Mwinyi
  20. Ek is mal oor jou kombuis se Reguit skoon lynne en modern voorkoms. Ek sal jou moet kry om te help met my kombuis wat ek tans besig is om te verander

  21. ‘n Bietjie vindingrykheid, kreatiewe denke en goeie beplanning – en dan kry jy n fantastiese nuwe kombuis!
    Goed gedoen.

    Charlotte Pretorius

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